By Dr. Katie Wolf

Young children who attended Vacation Bible School at my home church in NJ (Kingston Presbyterian Church) have collected toys over the past two years to give to our pediatric patients in the clinic.  Last year’s toys were shipped to us in a shipping container and this year’s gifts are waiting to be shipped from NY to Haiti in the next few months.  The young children who come to the clinic for care have been thrilled to receive these gifts, since most of them don’t have any toys or balls to play with at home.  Even the adults in the clinic smile with delight as they see the children playing with their new toys as they wait their turn for consultation.  The gifts help them to forget about their illness and the long wait in the hot waiting room!  Thanks to all the young children in NJ who contributed so generously to these little ones!

Thrilled with his gift!

Thrilled with his gift!


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  1. Barbara Tyler on July 23, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    Just as I think Katie that you cannot do anything else, all of these wonderful updates come. Congratulations! Barbara

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