Our week at the clinic was filled with some amazing firsts! This included the first ultrasounds and x-rays to be conducted with the equipment that Avera Health graciously donated a few months ago.


Susan spent a few hours getting the equipment all hooked up and ready for use!

Susan Calmus, with the¬†Avera McKennan School of Radiologic Technology, taught Cherlie how to use the new equipment. It didn’t take long before Cherlie was performing x-rays on her own.


Sue teaching Cherlie how to use the x-ray equipment.


Getting a patient set up for an x-ray.


Cherlie takes her first x-ray!

One patient seen for x-ray was seven year old Gina who has a congenital cardiac lesion. Gina did great following Cherlie and Sue’s instructions. She thought it was pretty neat to see her own x-ray picture on the screen!



Cherlie gives Gina instructions in preparation for her x-ray.


It’s a team effort, with Sue stepping in to help during the x-ray.


Dr. English was also able to ultrasounds on a few of the pregnant patients he saw. He was able to tell this 23-week pregnant woman that her baby looked healthy AND that she was expecting a baby girl!


Dr. English, Sue, and Kristi conduct the first ultrasound with the new equipment.

Prior to the addition of this new equipment, several years ago, generous donors gave us funds to purchase a handheld Vscan ultrasound machine that allows for quick ultrasounds within the consultation room.  It has been invaluable for rapid abdominal and obstetrical assessments.



There aren’t many rural clinics in Haiti with the capacity to perform x-rays and ultrasounds. We are lucky to have this equipment at our fingertips! Thank you, donors!

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