This week brought more progress on construction of the bridge over the creek running through our clinic site.  The floor of the bridge was poured last weekend and this week the workmen placed the iron bars that will be used to support the walls of the bridge:

Poured base of bridge, 5/17/11

Iron work in bridge support walls 5/17/11

Here is a view of the bridge and creek:

Looking across the creek 5/17/11

And this is looking downstream from the bridge:

Looking downstream from the bridge 5/17/11

The walls were framed with plywood over the iron bars on Thursday, May 19th, and concrete will be poured in the frames on Friday, producing a solid, sturdy bridge wall:

Framing the walls of the bridge 5/19/11

Framed walls in which cement will be poured 5/19/11

We are excited about the progress that has been made thus far, and we’re especially grateful for the road and bridge-building expertise of Engineer Paul Chery.

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