As you may have noted in the previous blog (April/May update), we sent 44 plastic and fiber drums to Haiti that contained backpacks collected by HOSA students in Wisconsin, patient gowns that had been stored in Milwaukee, shoes and clothing donated by churches in NJ and individuals in Milwaukee, and various medical supplies and equipment.  The drums were taken to a shipping company in NY and shipped down to Haiti.  We are happy to report that they safely made it to Port-au-Prince and were brought out here to Jérémie in a large box truck.  They are now sitting in the back of the truck in our back yard!  We have already contacted several school directors in the area around our clinic site and intend to give the backpacks to the children who are enrolled in their schools for the upcoming school year.  Many of these families don’t have the financial resources to pay the children’s tuition, much less pay for a uniform, shoes, books and supplies.  The backpacks are filled with school supplies, hygiene items, socks, tennis shoes and underwear, all of which are very much needed by these rural Haitian school children.  We’ll keep you updated as the distribution unfolds.

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