While our clinic is focused on curative care, we also have a prevention program that allows us to reach the communities around Gatineau Health Center. Through our Water and Sanitation program we have been able to educate 24 Community Promoters to work in 12 communities. Since 2013, our Community Promoters have assisted community members in building more than 200 ventilated pit latrines for families living in these 12 communities. Our prevention program only continues to grow!


The view of Gatineau Health Center (top center) during our walk back from Chonel.

While the Avera team was visiting Haiti, we were able to visit two remote communities by foot to do some education regarding hypertension. Each team was led by two of our Community Coordinators, Gemi and Viel, and a translator. Our first team visited the village of Chonel.


FHH Development Director Natasha with our two Community Coordinators, Gemi and Viel.


Avera team members Kari, Kristy, and Chelsea with our translator, Reggie.


An old Hatian home outside of the church in Chonel.

We were greeted by a church full of people, eager to participate in a discussion regarding hypertension. The Avera team facilitated an educational activity using straws to show the force of blood flow from the arteries in our heart to other parts of the body. They had patients manipulate the straws as they completed a series of drawings regarding what happens when a patient has high blood pressure.




After they completed their teaching, the team began conducting blood pressure checks. The Avera team was able to make several referrals for patients that needed to be seen by Dr. Wolf due to a high blood pressure reading. One referral was made for a young woman who had recently given birth and had a very high blood pressure reading. After explaining to her that she was at high risk for having a stroke, the woman walked to the clinic to be seen by Dr. Wolf and the Avera physicians.



The first group’s visit ended with a time of fellowship and heart-shaped balloons before starting the hike back to the clinic.




Our second Avera team went out with the Community Coordinators and translator later in the week to the community of Campagne. This village was a little harder to get to than the first.  The hike through the difficult terrain gave all of us a greater appreciation for what patients go through to access medical care.

Similar to the first team, the second group also educated a church full of people on hypertension. There was much discussion with this group regarding the causes of high blood pressure. The people were eager to learn and participate!



Blood pressure checks were conducted by Dr. Becky and nurses Tracy and Bevin. Even our Community Coordinators, the pastor of the church, and our translators had their blood pressures checked. Like the previous group, referrals to see Dr. Wolf at the clinic were written and many patients indicated that they needed to visit the clinic for a refill on their blood pressure medications.





We ended our visit with the people of Campagne with fellowship, laughter, and heart-shaped balloons as a reminder of what they’d learned that day.




Visiting these two communities was a privilege. Our teams were warmly welcomed and it was wonderful hearing how much the people appreciated the Gatineau Health Center!

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