Two or three times each year we are blessed to have visitors come assist us in our ministry from Avera Health, a large hospital system based in South Dakota.  The teams are composed of both medical and non-medical personnel who all have a connection to Avera and a love for Haiti.  They are led by nurse Kathy English, who does an excellent job, both in preparing the teams ahead of time, and directing them once they are in the country.  We were thrilled to have an Avera Haiti team join us in our work earlier this month.  The team consisted of family physician Dr. Patty Peters, respiratory therapist Sharon Haverty (both she and Dr. Patty were making return visits), nurse Caitlin Powell, her mother Julie Semmler who works in communications, Ember Dale, from the Wellness Department and retired pharmacist Bill Bradfeldt.  They had a busy week helping us in the clinic and going out into the communities to get a firsthand look at our hurricane house building.  Much thanks for their enthusiasm, warmth and generosity in bringing us needed medications and gifts for our patients and for all they observed and accomplished!


Dr. Patty stands with a family she saw in consultation, one of whom was the recipient of a huge stuffed animal!


Sharon gives diapers to a mother on the front porch of the clinic. The diapers are hand-made by women in SD and brought by the Avera team to Haiti.



Team leader and nurse Kathy English helps Cherlie with vital signs and initial patient evaluation

Caitlin and Bill count pills on paper plates in the residence in the evening after work.

Julie (L) and Ember (R) give gifts to pediatric patients at the clinic


In addition to their work in the clinic, Ember, Julie and Caitlin had the opportunity of going out into some of the local communities to see the hurricane house building project in action!

House with new roof on and the walls being finished.


Visiting a house with its new roof


They also had the opportunity of visiting a nearby school with tarps for its roof and walls. The teacher were diligent and the students were learning!



As the Avera team walked along the road, they were able to see the shiny new tin roofs on homes across the mountains.  Nearly all of the new roofs were built by FHH, thanks to our generous donors.

Shiny new tin roofs sparkle in the mountains around the clinic


Before the hurricane, Avera supporters started a special fund to help us rebuild some of the houses near the clinic that were in particularly poor repair.  The hurricane destroyed one of them and severely damaged the other, so we made a special effort to build both of the houses during the recent dry season.  They were nearly completed in time for the Avera visit, allowing them to see the results of their diligent fund-raising:


This is the house in front of the clinic driveway, with its walls and windows in place.


This is what the house looked like after the hurricane.


This is the second house Avera built, nearly completed.


We are grateful for all of the visitors who come to help us out here in Haiti.  Their presence with us is a huge source of encouragement and support.  Thanks, Avera family, for your faithfulness to Friends for Health in Haiti!

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