Our clinic site in Haiti is in the mountains outside the town of Jeremie.  It’s only 15 miles away, but takes over an hour to reach in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, due to the extremely poor condition of the roads.  When people in the mountains are ill, they often need to be carried down the mountain to the government hospital in Jeremie, a journey which takes 6-8 hours on foot.  As you can imagine, the people were overjoyed when we began doing patient consultations twice a week in a little house on the clinic site.  We’ve been seeing 20-25 patients each day and have had many people with chronic medical problems such as hypertension, return each month to see us.  It’s been exciting to see their gratitude and to begin to develop relationships with them.  We begin each clinic session with prayer and make sure that people know we are there because we love the Lord.

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