We are seeing increasing numbers of patients in our little “house clinic”, as word spreads among the communities as to our services and capabilities.  One of the things that patients are impressed with is that we give detailed explanations as to their illnesses and medications needed to treat them.  Nurse Cherlie sits with each patient and carefully explains how they should take their medicine, marking circles on the plastic bags to indicate how many times a day they should be taken.  This is because the majority of the patients we see are unable to read or write.  So, the visual aid is helpful to them.

Cherlie and Patient

We also take time each morning at the start of our day to greet our patients, talk with them about health issues, make announcements and pray with them.  We let them know that the reason we are there is because of our faith in Christ and our desire to help those who are most in need.  As they say frequently here in Haiti, “doctors treat, but only God heals”.  Thank you for helping us to be instruments of God’s healing.  The recent political unrest here (demonstrations protesting the high cost of food) made us realize how important your prayers are too – for our safety and for our ministry.

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