We continue to do patient consultations twice a week in our “house clinic” on the site of what we hope to be a larger clinic facility in Gatineau.  We are seeing an increasing number of patients each week, which is a testimony to our services and developing reputation. It is gratifying to see that patients who come to us ill and with high fevers one day greet us a few days later with big smiles of appreciation for their improved state of health.  Or to hear that the clinic is being talked about in local communities because people think we have “wonderful” medications.  We, of course, know that good quality care comes from giving the right medication for the right illness.  So, we continually ask the Lord to give us wisdom in diagnosing correctly and prescribing appropriately, even with limited resources.  We’re honored to be used as instruments of healing for people who are so much in need of health care.  And, we’re grateful to you for being a part of our health care team!  We’re excited about what we can accomplish together in the months ahead, as we expand our services and facilities, meeting the health needs of more and more people.

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