Friends for Health in Haiti is a faith-based organization.  It is our christian faith that motivates us to attempt to meet the staggering health and development needs of the people of Haiti.  Our vision is a far-reaching one - to develop a medical facility that will provide primary health care to people of all ages, community education from the clinic and in surrounding communities, and maternity services, including emergency obstetric care.  Our values stem from our Christian faith - integrity, excellence, compassion and concern for the poor and disadvantaged.  Our philosophy is that a community-based model is ideal for the greatest impact on health and the highest chance of long-term sustainability.  It is the "bottom-up" model that empowers communities to help solve their own development problems and cultivate the relationships through which our faith can be shared.

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  1. James Wilkins on February 12, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    Katie, There is a 10 y/o boy in Jeremie who has had ascites for quite some time. They are taking fluid off regularly. Can you get me a phone number or email address where the person who is trying to help him can find you? There is apparently no diagnosis made yet. Dr. James Wilkins, Now located in Gressier.

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