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Philosophy of Care

We believe in using our resources to have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people. This is the Public Health model of care which is concerned about populations, not just individuals. As such, we are strategic in all of the programs we develop to be sure that they’ll have a positive impact and will be sustainable.

We believe that health is more than just curing disease. There are multiple determinants to achieving better health and we try to have a positive impact on all of those determinants.

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From the beginning, we told local communities that, to the extent they organize themselves, we will come beside them and help them but we will not lead them. It is the community-based model, involving Haitians in making decisions and being a part of the solutions to meeting their needs. It is a model that empowers them, rather than doing for them and helps to counter the cycle of dependency that has been created by well-meaning people doing things the wrong way.

We believe that establishing relationships with our patients and local communities is the key to developing sustainable solutions to local problems and is the means through which our faith can be lived out and shared.

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