According to our staff in Jérémie, there continue to be daily protests on the streets and these will continue through the week. There is less violence, however, and businesses are open, but no Americans are visible on the streets, since the threat to them is still very severe.

Today there were very high winds and rain and many people lost the tarps that were covering their houses. This is devastating to people who have not yet recovered from the hurricane. They fear another storm is on its way.

Please continue your prayers for their recovery. Please pray also that the political unrest will be resolved soon and that we can return to Jérémie and resume our clinic activities as well as our rebuilding efforts. We plan to remain in PAP until at least Friday, which is the day that Guy-Philippe is scheduled to be in court. The result of that court appearance will most likely determine future activities and unrest among his supporters here in Haiti.

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