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Hurricane Matthew Expected to Strike Haiti Tonight

***Fri Oct 7, 2016 2:00 PM Port au Prince***

We are still awaiting word from Dr. Wolf and Cherlie Severe. All communications remain down in the area. Despite reports of many washed out roads and bridges, our transport driver (Miller) in Port au Prince plans to attempt to travel out to Jérémie tomorrow. Prayers for his safe journey. If he can make it all the way to Jérémie, we still may not receive updates until he is able to safely return to Port au Prince, which could be several days more. Rest assured, all efforts are being made to reach out to those in the area in hopes of confirming they are safe and sound.


***Thu Oct 6, 2016 9:40 AM Port au Prince***

We have received no news yet from Dr. Wolf or Cherlie. Pictures and reports have begun pouring in from Jérémie and the surrounding areas describing the utter devastation. It is now more understandable that communications would remain down for an extended period, but the lack of information is very distressing. There can be no doubt that your continued prayers are needed and we now can see from the images that many of Dr. Wolf's friends and neighbors in Jérémie have lost their homes and are in need of food, staples and assistance in rebuilding. We expect that Dr. Wolf and Cherlie are surely busy helping those in need around them. Trusting in the Lord that they are safe, we are beginning to organize our efforts to support and assist them. More on that in the near future. We’ll continue to communicate any news we receive here and on our Facebook page.


***Wed Oct 5, 2016 10:00 AM Port au Prince***

This will be a brief update because, like so many of you, we are still awaiting news of Dr. Wolf and Cherlie. We have spoken with contacts in Port au Prince but none of them have been able to reach those in Jérémie as of yet. It is common after major storms for the communications to be down for up to a couple of days. Hopefully they will be restored soon. All we know at this point is that Jérémie was hit very hard and is dealing with severe flooding, many destroyed homes and damage to a key bridge, though we don’t know if or how that is affecting travel to and from Jérémie. We will update this page and our website if and when additional information becomes available. Your continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


***Tue Oct 4, 2016 8:10 AM Port au Prince***

We've just received news from Cherlie's sister Yasmine who spoke with Cherlie this morning. As of 5:50 AM, Dr. Wolf and Cherlie are safe but they are without electricity and have been up most of the night battling flooding in their home due to the high winds and rain. We have no details about damage in the area or across Haiti at this time. Winds and rain are near their peak with wind speeds of 140 mph and gusting over 160. The next several hours are expected to be the most ferocious period. The path of the storm did cross almost directly over Jérémie, Haiti where they live and the massive storm is now centered just east of them as it continues to move slowly north.



***Tue Oct 4, 2016 7:55 AM Port au Prince***

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti late last night as a Category 4 hurricane. Unfortunately, we haven’t received any further updates from Dr. Wolf or Cherlie as of 7:55 AM this morning. We will post further updates as information becomes available.


Packing winds of up to 165 MPH, Hurricane Matthew is set to strike Haiti later this evening. Base on current storm path projections, both the town of Jérémie (where Dr. Wolf and Cherlie live) and the clinic site are expected to be in the path of the storm. While no one knows for sure what to expect, everyone is seeking shelter and preparing for the storm.

Please keep Dr. Wolf, Cherlie and all those who may be affected by the storm in your prayers. We will try to post any significant updates here as information becomes available.

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