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The Mundane Things of Life

Due to my perfectionist tendencies, I’m not a very good blogger. It’s because I want to be sure that anything I write is well-written and says something significant. I realize those are not really priorities in the social networking realm, but it’s hard to break from well-established habits! In this blog, however, I am going to attempt to be a bit mundane and share with you some photos of our newest batch of puppies! We have a prolific female dog that is a typical Haitian “mutt” but she is a very good mother and is very fertile, having had numerous litters of puppies over the years, most of which we’ve given away. Recently, however, we kept her in the yard with our half-German Shepherd male, Smokey, hoping that nature would take its course and they would mate. Well, 6 weeks ago, she birthed 3 male and 2 female puppies and we think they definitely have some Smokey tendencies! Below are photos of the cute little things, all of whom we think we’ll have to keep!

Here is a tired-looking mama nursing all 5 of her babies at once. And some of you thought twins were hard!

Each one finds the perfect position

All three boys are cream-colored, as is one of the females

The one black baby is a female who looks just like her daddy!

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