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The Master Cabinetmaker Is At Work

This past week, we have had the privilege of hosting Bob and Audrey Chase and Don Richmond from Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin. Bob is an expert cabinetmaker who pre-fabricated cabinets for our clinic in his shop in New Berlin, WI last fall. We shipped them down here in a shipping container being sent to Haiti by Food For The Poor, thanks to the intervention of Karl Ralian of Waukesha, WI. The shipping container was delayed in being shipped to Haiti due to a backup of containers in the Haitian customs department last fall, so Bob was unable to come install the cabinets in February as originally scheduled. We re-scheduled the visit for this month and Bob and his wife Audrey and Don Richmond are now hard at work putting the cabinets together and installing them in the clinic rooms that Cherlie and I (with some local helpers) recently painted.

The work is going very well, and the crew is being helped by several of the masonry workers who are up there building our reservoir and latrines. Here are some photos from the week:

Audrey Chase and Don Richmond varnishing drawer pieces.

Varnished drawer pieces set out to dry in the sun on the front porch of the clinic.

After helping to set up and organize the work site, Cherlie joined in to help the varnishing team.

Bob sorting through all the pre-fabricated pieces of cabinetry that were shipped down.

Bob holding up the first cabinet that was assembled on the site.

Bob and Audrey relaxing after the first day of work.

The team will be with us for two weeks. Please continue to pray for their strength, perseverance and safety in this important work that they are doing for us. Their dedication and diligence has been a blessing and a testimony to all the construction workers who are also on the site with them. Mutual respect and appreciation has been evident as they all interact together, for God’s glory and for the good of the Haitian people that we serve.

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