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And The Work Goes On...

The past few weeks have brought some rain to our area, a brief trip to the US for me and continued construction progress. Here are some new photos to show you that the work continues to go on!

The floor of the outdoor latrine was poured and the walls have gone up. Here are the workmen pouring the columns of the latrine:

Pouring latrine columns.

No good work gets done without a qualified supervisor. Here’s Cherlie giving pointers on how to finish the latrine:

Cherlie inspecting latrine.

Meanwhile, the pipes have been hooked up to the septic tank. Now, all we need is water to flush the toilets!

Septic tank pipes.

The walls of the reservoir up on the hill are being built as well:

Reservoir rock wall.

Remember the blog where I mentioned that the workmen are living up at the site and cooking their own meals? Well, here is a pot of rice and beans on the fire with the chief cook standing by:

Cooking pot and cook.

We’ve had a number of thunderstorms in the afternoons lately, which is good for the farmers but leads to a slippery ride down the mountain. A storm was on its way when I took this photo of afternoon fog in the valley behind the clinic:

Afternoon fog in the valley.

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