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Water and Waste

During these past two weeks we saw great progress on our water and waste situation. The walls of the septic tank were completed, after which the inside walls were sealed:

Sealing coat of stucco being put on the walls of the septic tank.

Then, the roof was framed and poured:

Pouring the roof.

Completed roof of the septic tank with access holes in the top.

In addition, the hole was dug for our 4-room patient latrine. After reaching a depth of 10 feet, a rock wall will be constructed to keep the walls from collapsing, after which it will be dug another 10 feet.

Patient latrine hole.

The site for building a water reservoir on the top of the hill above the clinic was also staked out this week. A small foundation is being dug for that, after which walls and columns will be built.

Meanwhile, all the final stucco work on the inside of the pharmacy building was completed and the porch outside is now being worked on.

Stucco work on the porch of the pharmacy building.

Thanks to your faithful prayers we are making great progress with our construction!

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