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Back in the Swing of Things!

Construction at our clinic site is back in full swing again, after a lull that came after the roof of the pharmacy building was poured. We’ve changed to a new construction team and they are working quickly to finish everything that needs to be completed for us to be a fully functional outpatient clinic. Below are photos of construction events from the past few weeks:

Completion of the stucco work on 3 storage areas under the pharmacy building:

Storage Areas

Stucco work is almost completed on the inside of the pharmacy building:

Inside stucco

Placing Electrical

In spite of periodic breakdowns, our faithful dump truck and driver continue to bring materials up to the site:

Dump Truck Delivering Materials

While the masonry was being done in the pharmacy building, another crew was digging a hole for a large septic tank. Here is the hole after a week of digging through rock and dirt:

Septic Tank Pit Finished

Then, iron bars were laid to reinforce the floor, after which a concrete floor was poured:

Septic tank ironwork

Rock walls then went up and PVC pipes were put through the wall to allow for inflow of waste water into the tank:

Rock wall septic

Digging has also started on a 4-hole latrine for our patients:

Digging latrine

Cherlie and I have entered into the construction arena as well, by beginning to paint the inside of the main clinic building. It already was painted with a coat of primer paint, but now we’re painting with the real colors! Here’s Cherlie showing how it’s supposed to be done:

Cherlie painting

We’ve been joined in our efforts each Saturday by 3 local young men:

Young Men Painting

We’ve appreciated the help and they’ve been happy to learn a new skill!

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