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Tiled Floors and Iron Doors

Things are looking great at the construction site these days. Finish work has begun on the new clinic, and in the past two months, nearly every wall, column, and beam in the building has been covered with a thin layer of cement plaster to give it a smooth, paintable surface.

Masons Plastering Clinic

Masons Work on Cornice for Clinic

Construction Site as of 1/12

Over the past two weeks, two new teams of tradesmen have begun their work on the clinic. A team of three tile-layers came out from Port-au-Prince to lay tile for the clinic floor, and as of this weekend, they are nearly finished with their work.

Laying Tile in Clinic

Tile Floor

A team of three iron-workers also came out to the site recently to begin working on iron doors and windows for the clinic. It will be a week or so until they can install the doors, but they have been working long hours and making good progress.

Iron Workers Making Doors for Clinic

Clinic as of 1/24

In addition to all the progress being made on the clinic, construction has been moving along in the pharmacy. In the past two weeks, the masons finished placing the last rows of concrete blocks in the walls, and just a few days ago, they poured the beams. Next up: the roof!

Pharmacy as of 1/24

-Nick Matthews

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