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The Little Things in Life

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that we take for granted, like electricity and running water. In our little “house clinic” in Gatineau, we had neither electricity nor water. On cloudy days or in the late afternoon, it was difficult to see our patients or write on their charts due to lack of light in the clinic. So, we were especially thrilled this week when John Ohlinger, an engineer who is visiting from the US, installed a battery system with 4 ceiling lights for us. As the clouds came over and the rain fell in the afternoon, we thought we were in heaven with our little lights illuminating each room! His next project is to set up an inverter so we can have fans running on those sweltering summer days.

Engineer John will be supervising the future clinic construction project and we’re very grateful to have him on board with us. He’s also been helping us this week with our house/guest house construction in Jeremie. The first floor of the house was partially built when we bought the land and we finished it up enough to move into it last year. It took months to complete construction on a kitchen and storage area on that first level, because the house was built on solid rock that had to be chipped away with hammer and chisel to give enough clearance to pour the floor. Now, we’re in the process of putting up another two floors, replete with balconies overlooking the Caribbean Sea. We’ve learned a lot about construction in the process, and are convinced that it is only by the Lord’s grace that we’ve accomplished what we have thus far! Pray with us for rapid completion of the house, which will enable us to accommodate visitors more easily.

Rock floor of the future kitchen

View of the first floor roof when we first bought the house and land

Same view now with garage and front porch

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