The day after the roof of our Spiritual and Community Center was poured, Cherlie and I went up to Gatineau again to help supervise the masons as they set the first layer of blocks for the walls of the second floor. It was another exciting and productive day for us. The first step in laying the blocks involved having the head carpenter remove the planks on the sides of the roof that was poured the previous day. This framing is always removed a day or two after the concrete is poured, with the plywood underneath the roof remaining in place for another 2 weeks or so. Carpenter Jean Claude removes the planks along the sides of the roof that was poured the previous day. The next thing that need


We are very pleased to let everyone know that we poured the roof of the Spiritual and Community Center in Gatineau on Friday and began putting up blocks for the walls of the second floor the next day! This is great progress for us and we want to share some photos of the exciting events. As is typical here in Haiti, the roof was framed using plywood held up by 2 x 4’s supported by long bamboo poles (bought locally in the area around Gatineau). On top of the plywood, iron bars were placed in a gridwork fashion and the iron columns were extended to support the walls and roof of the second floor. Ceiling boxes and plastic electrical pipes were placed in the midst of the iron bars to provide a

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