It is with sadness that we would like to let everyone know that our faithful dachshund Mozie passed away yesterday afternoon. He was 14 years old and lived a good life, so we can’t be too regretful. We brought Mozie and his father, Shubie, down to Haiti on a Missionary Flights International cargo plane in 2006. They adapted to their new living conditions very well, especially since we had brought with us the crates that had been their homes in Milwaukee. I think they only thing they really missed were carpeted floors! We even fed them imported dog food from the US and they thrived. Shubie died about 3 years ago at the age of 16! Even as he aged, Mozie always seemed like a little puppy,


With its high heat and humidity, Haiti is not an ideal place to visit during the summer months. But, for the sake of our spiritual ministry, a hardy intergenerational group from Eastbrook Church in Milwaukee and Town North Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Richardson, TX sacrificed their comfort for a week of work with us and some of the local churches near our clinic. The Eastbrook Church team consisted of Geri Koterman, team leader, and the Riebe family – Alan and Katherine and their teenage children Josh and Charis, all of whom visited here in 2016. They added newcomer Laura Meyer this year and she was a great addition to the team. Geri’s grandson, Josiah Rogers, had been with the team in


After ten years of hearing that it was going to be fixed, we were thrilled a few months ago to see the beginning of construction on the road up to our clinic in Gatineau. Parts of it are being paved, and the rest is being graded with drainage ditches being built to handle the heavy run-off from rains that normally ruin roads up in the mountains. Or so they said! As is often the case here in Haiti, after about a quarter of the work was finished, word had it that the money had been used up and everything came to a standstill. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out where the money went! We’re still hoping that work will resume and that one of these days, the 15 mile trip up the mountain wi

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