The Mundane Things of Life

Due to my perfectionist tendencies, I’m not a very good blogger. It’s because I want to be sure that anything I write is well-written and says something significant. I realize those are not really priorities in the social networking realm, but it’s hard to break from well-established habits! In this blog, however, I am going to attempt to be a bit mundane and share with you some photos of our newest batch of puppies! We have a prolific female dog that is a typical Haitian “mutt” but she is a very good mother and is very fertile, having had numerous litters of puppies over the years, most of which we’ve given away. Recently, however, we kept her in the yard with our half-German Shepherd male,

Making Progress on the Census!!

This summer we undertook a very ambitious project – that of doing a house to house census in the three rural sections (like counties) that our outpatient clinic serves. These three sections contain an estimated population of 40,000 and they could include as many as 8000 houses. Right now, we have ten teams of two in these three areas going door to door doing a simple survey and GPS mapping each house. The project is going much better than expected, thanks to the dedication of our census-takers and the strong support of Gemi Baptiste, our Community Coordinator. In addition, we have been blessed by having the assistance of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health student Brooks Morgan with us for

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