Emergency Medicine in the Living Room!

Last evening the living room at Cherlie and my house turned into an Emergency Room. Around 5pm, just as the skies opened with a heavy rainfall, we heard a voice calling to us from the driveway. It was the head masonry foreman at our clinic site, a young man named Mackenson. He had just driven into the driveway on his motorcycle and was half carrying, half dragging one of the other masons named Peterson down the driveway towards the house. Peter’s face was covered in blood and around his right hand was a bloody towel. Before I even had time to come out of my room, where I had been working, Cherlie had Peterson lying in the living room on a chaise lounge chair that she brought in from the back

The Cost of Educating Children

Jean Flobert Marcellus is a patient of ours. He’s also a Haitian government- certified school teacher, assigned to teach in a school that is about a six hour walk into the mountains after you reach the end of the road! The locality where the school is located is called Lopino and it is one of the most isolated communities in our part of the country. Jean Flobert is 30 years old, with no wife or children yet and he’s a dedicated Christian. He’s been teaching in the school for a couple of years and spent most of our consultation time talking about the severe poverty, lack of development and challenges he faces in the community. He teaches in the government primary school in Lopino and is suppo

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